Empowering unrecognised executives who aspire to achieve their full potential by providing a diverse, secure, fun and supportive learning environment.

Does any of these describe your situation?

Working in Humdrum

Things are a routine. Tired and worned out to even dream or motivated.

Others keep getting recognised

You slog and work hard. Some how opportunities of leadership and promotion just pass you by.

How to breakthrough?

You want to break the cycle and understand the importance of connection and being influencial… but do not know how.

Empowered You
Enriched You

We want to empower you will the skills needed for success. We want to work with you to give your career a boost. The benefits do not stop here.

Our approach will effectively create new connections at every level. You will readily interact with most people. You will relate confidently with anyone regardless of designations. You will foster deeper relationships with others at work and society at large. You will enrich not only yourself but those around you.

Mervin Yeo

Founder, CEO

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