Empowering introverts who aspire to achieve their full potential by providing a diverse, secure, fun and supportive learning environment.

Your Personality
Is Personal

You are unique! A true masterpiece. Let’s work with who you are, with what’s within you. Nature can be nurtured. Programmes through Quiet Impact Asia will help you gain a deeper understanding of your personality, to embrace your natural traits so you can achieve even greater success in your career and life. Come experience our unique learning environment specifically designed to integrate your personality, learning style, personal preferences and strengths.

Empower Your Career, Enrich Your Life

We want to empower you will the skills needed for success. We want to work with you to give your career a boost. The benefits do not stop here. Our approach will effectively create new connections at every level. You will readily interact with most people. You will relate confidently with anyone regardless of designations. You will foster deeper relationships with others at work and society at large. You will enrich not only yourself but those around you.

Our Training Philosophy


Knowing your specific personality gives you a deeper understanding of who you really are. It sets the stage towards nurturing who you are and what you have within you.


It’s not enough to simply know your personality. You need to embrace your personality and discover both your strengths and weaknesses.


Learn the ability to adapt and deliver what is required of you in all situations in life. Be it a business presentation, leading a team or simply doing a commendable job at work. Being adaptable and agile will help you in every aspect of your life. You will be more confident to relate, present, and to lead.

A Word From Our Founder

mervin yeo

Founder, CEO


Understanding one’s personality is more important that you think. It is the key to understanding and embracing your personality, whatever it may be like. Knowing will enable you to adjust some your behavioural patterns and feeling empowered by that.
Do you know if you are more introverted than extroverted? How open are you to fresh ideas and new ways of doing things? Are you particular about punctuality? Are you a deep-thinking person? How confident are you at managing teams and leadership?
Over the decades, researchers around the world have found that there is a science to personality. It’s more than an art and it’s not hype at all. Everyone, regardless of gender, age, career or nationality, has a unique personality comprising the following 5 basic traits – Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

Empower Your Career, Enrich Your Life.

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